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Welcome to Sapphire Farms
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Sapphire Farms Miniature Horses (their own website)

Sapphire Kennels (American Cocker Spaniels & Australian Shepards)

Sunset At Sapphire Farms
this is our back field

Hi, our names are Diane and Karen Foster. We raise, breed, train, and show miniature horses. I also show paint and quarter horses. I also show, train, and breed dogs, I specalize in American Cocker Spaniels. I also have rabbits for sale most of the time, we have netherland dwarfs and holland lops.  Please contact us for details about what we offer.
In miniatures, we strive to produce refined and colorful miniature horses that are at a heigth that they can do performance as well. We have a beautiful miniature horse stallion, Rocking H Gunsmoke who is used on our performance mares to have those all around foals. All of my broodmares, with the exception of one, were show horses and are until they are visibly bred. The mare that was an exception to the show and then breed rule was purchased as a broodmare with a foal at her side. I train my own horses and clip them. I take pride in my work, especially when I take a 3year old mare that has been driving for a month and I take her to a huge show and put her in the stake driving class and she wins grand champion, everyone wanted to know who trained her, I just replied I did and they couldnt believe it. I think the reason my horses do so well is because of the enviroment I provide them and the training and love they recieve. Every horse on this ranch is handled daily and fed twice a day.
We are also breeding for the overo color. We are expecting in 2003 several overo foals. Another thing is that if you purchase a horse from Sapphire Farms is that it will be of great quality, each horse at our farm has a great pedigree. We dont tell you that it is good if it isnt and we tell you our honnest opinion of the horse you are looking at, we tell you the breeding, and we say everything about the horse. We also take time to look at where the horse will be going, if you are interested in buying a horse fron Sapphire Farms you will be questioned about everything, for example:" Have you had a horse before? How many do you currently own? What facilities do you have? What do you want this horse to do? Do you plan on using it for breeding? " Those are some of the questions you will be asked.
We take great pride in what we have to offer and  if you are interested just give us an email. Thanks for visiting Sapphire Farms.


Sapphire Farms Spotlight Special

If you reserve your breeding to Hallmark's Rocking H Gunsmoke before the end of October, you will pay only $400 if  you breed 5 mares. Also we will throw in one repeat breeding for the next year. So you get to breed 5 mares for 400 each and get a free repeat breeding for the next year to any one of the previously bred mares.


5728 Cr 117 Floresville Tx. 78114

Phone: 830-393-8026

We accept cash and checks only.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: