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Our Stallions


this is him at the San Antonio Show

At this time we have two stallions, an AMHR and AMHA line back dunn 31.5'' refined stallion which we offer at stud for $450 to an outside mare. Mare care is $4 a day wet mares and $3 a day for dry mares. The mini stallion is Hallmark's Rocking H Gunsmoke. He has multiple firsts in halter and model stallion. He is a very even tempered horse, he thinks he is a gelding. He does liberty and so far has won first every time he has gone in for liberty. He also does really well in Halter Obstacle.
The next stallion is APHA registered as KENOS LIGHTNING BOLT. He is a Palamino Overo.  His great Dad is a very famous halter and performance horse named Far Ute Keno. He is a greatly built and georgeously marked with white and a golden palamino. He has one solid colored leg which is a true overo trait. He has a long neck and beautiful english movement when he is going all out and western movement when he goes slow.  He has already been saddled and sat on and walks on a halter and leadrope from above.  He proably wont stand to mares until he is proably over 4 since he is donig so well we dont want him getting more concerned with other things.  He is going to be an all-around horse and barrel horse.  He will be used on a trail ride the year that he will start his show career. Look for updated pics often.