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Sapphire Kennels (the dogs own website)

Tribute's Little Gambler
Winston At the cocker Nationals

Tribute's Little Gambler : Winston as we call him is a black american cocker spaniel. He has several best of breed/variety wins. He currntly has two majors, he only needs a point or two to finish, he is in excellent health and coat, as soon as he is finished he will be at stud to approved Bitches. A picture will be added later, look for updates often. Winson has great bloodlines and came from a great kennel, Tribute kennels, his breeder was Melodee Boyle. His father was a great dog himself, Maverick was a georgeous dog with tons of coat, they look the same and have the same great head.
Lilly:  lilly is a light buffy colored american cocker spaniel bitch that will be shown starting September. She has a nice structure and beautiful head. She was bred by Meladee Boyle, the same breeder who bred my black dog. As soon as Winston and Lilly finish they will be bred to each other. Lilly will be a great show dog, she definetly has the looks and the attitude, she has beautiful movement and is very smart, she knows how to stack and gait, it doesent take much to train her. She is very sweet and I will be looking forward to showing her. More recent pics are to be added.

Am I for Supper???????????

Cocoa showing in conformation at the asca show

Cocoa: Cocoa does agility, and fairly well might I add. He has many ribbons, and he just started showing. Cocoa is a Red Merle. He is neutered, he was neutered so that we could ILP him in AKC. He is now AKC and ASCA registered.