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AQHA & APHA Show String

Flash:  Flash does jackpot barrel racing and barrel racing at some open shows. She has many buckles for high point speed. She is a consistant mare with loads of speed. I have people come up to me and say that she wont do good in keyhole because the big quarter horses win that event, Well I took her in there and they were in the stands and i looked at them and i practically just let the reins go, she is automatic so she just ran up in there reared and turned around and got out, I don't even have to turn her with the reins or kick her. They could'nt believe it. Flash won First Place and the jackpot. She does every event perfect, she doesent require any leg actions including kicking. She doesent even need reins, i just hold her back at the start line and let her look at it and then let her go, she looked at the pattern and rembered. What a great horse. THIS HORSE IS DEFINETLY NOT FOR SALE.

Flash doing Keyhole
This is flashes favorite event. She rears up so that I can reach the pole since she is short

Gunn's Money Bar : Skip is an 11 year old APHA frame splash overo gelding. He does everthing including jumping. He is my all around gelding that I use for open shows and apha shows. Look for him in the ring with Karen Foster on him. This horse will definetly be in the ribbons. SORRY THIS ONE IS NOT FOR SALE

Gunn's Money Bar
Skip at an open show at San Antonio

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