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Welcome to Sapphire Farms


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Miniature Horse Training

What we offer............I can train your mini horse to jump, drive, halter, showmanship, or do obstacle. See details below...

Driving: $200 a month.
Jumping:$100 a month.
Obstacle:$150 a month.
Showmanship:$150 a month.
Halter:$75 a month.
Driving:$200 a month.
Jumping:$100 a month.
Obstacle:$200 a month.
Showmanship:$200 a month.
Halter:$75 a month.
Driving:$250 a month
Jumping:$150 a month
Obstacle:$250 a month.
Showmanship:$250 a month.
Halter:$100 a month.
No prices include boarding fee. We only accept a couple of horses a month. Boarding is 2.00 a day. Horse will be fed twice a day. Only a few spots available and sometimes we can't accept any horses for a particular month.

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