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For Fun
Sapphire Kennel
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Here are some pictures of what our dogs do for fun. 

Below is a picture of Daisy, our spayed Blue Heeler (red version) or Australian Cattle Dog, playing in the tank.  Daisy loves to play fetch on her time off.  She likes to try and catch the catfish which come up to get fed.

Daisy in tank

This is cocoa, our neutered red merle australian shepard.  He is trained in agility and competes in it, he has a title it as well.  He has quite a personality, as you can see in this picture even as a puppy he had a wonderful attitude.  He liked to fall asleep with his head in the bowl,lol. 


Cocoa grew up and being the people pleaser he is, he wants to be the best aussie ever, so on his time off he reads aussie books.  He politely asks me to put his reading glasses on and then he goes to his book.(just kiddin)  but he sure does make people laugh when they see him reading with glasses on.


Cajun is our intact male blue merle aussie with blue eyes.  When Cajun isnt showing he likes to bark at the goats and miniature horses.  I dont think I have ever seen a cuter puppy. 


Cajuns favorite thing to do after a bath is to run in the house and play and then after he realizes im watching him be a goober he gets on the couch, and this time to sleep on it instead of play on it. He then goes to sleep on it and always with a pillow under his head.