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Welcome to Sapphire Farms


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AMHA & AMHR Show String

These are the horses that travel with us to shows, one mare will is possibly bred, and when the results are back and if they are positive she will be dropped, so at not to put any stress on her. This mare is Karen's Velvet

Stallions: Hallmark's Rocking H Gunsmoke    AMHA & AMHR
Geldings: KOS McMillan's Bit Of Class                         AMHR
Mares:  Karen's Sugar Princess                                      AMHR
       Karen's Velvet  will be dropped if preg.  AMHA & AMHR
       Fowler's Medcine Man's Scarlet Lady    AMHA & AMHR
Colts: Name Pending                                     registries pending.       
pics will be added later

Hallmark's Rocking H Gunsmoke
First Horse Described

KOS McMillans Bit Of Class
This is the 2nd horse described above

Karens Sugar Princess
This is the third horse described above

Karen's Velvet
This is the 4th horse described above

Fowler's Medcine Mans Scarlet Lady
This is the 5th horse described above

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