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Sapphire Farm's Miniature Horses
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Showstopper and her 2006 filly by Smokey

       Hello and welcome to Sapphire Farms. We hope you enjoy your stay and find everything easily. 
       Here at Sapphire Farms we dont produce just beauty, we strive for brains, willingness to please, personality, color, structure, and trots that will take your breath away. We concentrate on breeding overos.  We have 16+ miniature horses at this time, and believe me you dont need a big herd to produce great things.  All of our horses get fed twice daily and handled on a daily basis as well.
        A little bit about our breeding program.  The horses allowed to reproduce have gone through an extensive selection process.  We dont allow any genetic defects into our program, such as bad bites or crooked legs.  Not only is structure a huge part of the selection process, but so is the horses intelligence and willingness to please.  All of our studs have been to a show and have proven themselves.  Beauty is not the total package, we need them to perform as well.  I hope this gives you an idea of what we breed for. 
       We also offer training so please go look at the training page also to get all of the details.
       We enjoyed having you here at Sapphire Farms and hope to hear from you.

What's New?
I put a new page up, the overo stallion page.  All the breeding age stallions are on the stallion page, and all overo boys are on the overo stallion page.  I am updating all the pages.  Take a look around.



LTD's Show Stopper