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Sapphire Farm's Miniature Horses
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Results for:
Pinto Show April 2003:
Karen's Sugar princess:
Halter: didn't enter
Color: didn't enter
Driving: 1st and 2nd
Jumping: 1st and 1st
Trail: 1st and 1st
Ltd's War Eagle:
Halter: 5th and 6th
Color: 2nd and 4th
Driving: didn't enter
Jumping: didn't enter
Trail: didn't enter
Karen's Sugar Princess:
Halter:  PtHA Grand Champion Halter and PtHA Reserve Champion Halter
Color: 3rd and 3rd
Driving: 1st and 1st
Jumping: 1st and 1st
Trail: no entries
Ltd's War Eagle:
Halter: 3rd and 4th
Color: 5th and 6th

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