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Sapphire Farm's Miniature Horses
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I proudly introduce to you KOS McMillian's Bit of Class:  Sire: Sweetwaters Lil Bit of Class.  Alladin is his farm name, we chose this name because the movie "Alladin" was a story about a palace in Arabia and since he looks just like an arabian we figured this name would fit. At this time he is on my show string and not for sale.  He is 34.25. His sire is a bay and white tri colored pinto. 




I am very excited to announce that I was lucky enough to find another little guy that would be an assett to my show string.  CSF Lyle Lovett.  He is a silverbay with two blue eyes and a blaze face.  He is such a little sweet heart.  I saw him at the brenham show where he took a first and I believe it was a second. I took him home after he showed and we just had him gelded.  He will be going to the shows with us and he has a great future ahead of him.  UDATE:  HE WAS #12 IN AMHR STALLION FOAL OF CURRENT YEAR -30" AND UNDER IN AREA 5.  HE GOT 45 POINTS.