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Sapphire Farm's Miniature Horses
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At this time we have nine mares/fillys. One is for sale, she is a smokey black filly born this year, see her on foal page and sale page.

B & B's Super Bunny: Bunny is a buckskin with an irregular large snip who measures 34.00.  She is currently bred to a 30'' black stallion with a blue eye who has thrown only pinto babies.  Bunny has consistently thrown beautiful A size babies with great heads and necks and huge a huge trot.  We are considering keeping her 2002 foal a stallion since he is so nice, and not just anything is kept a stallion at Sapphire farms.  A pic of her is included below.


Fowler's Medcine Man's Scarlet Lady:
Scarlet is a silver dapple/silver dapple bay.  She is under 30" and a cutie pie.  She has a large fast trot.  She is correct with big expressive eyes.  She is overo bred and her sire is Medcine Man who is a gorgeous bay overo.  His foals are doing good in the showring and he is a wonderful stallion who placed good in the show ring.  Updated pictures of this coming 3year old coming soon.
Karen's Sugar Princess:
Sugar is a beautiful 50/50 sorrel and white paint.  She is a 34.25" mare.  She has blue ribbons in jumping, obstacle, and a Grand Champion Stake Driving Championship.  What a girl and she has a war bonnet and shield: that is what they call the two markings.  This girl has it all and good conformation. 
Karen's Velvet:
velvet is a 33" Liver chestnut with superb conformation, she succeeds in the same areas as her sister above.  They have the same pedigree so look at the one above if you want to see her pedigree.  Velvet has practically the same awards as her big sister.  Velvet is double registered A and R.  Her first foal will arrive January 2003. 
LTD'S Show Stopper:
Show stopper is a beautifully marked silver dapple frame overo.  She is tiny, around 30-31 inches.  She has very correct conformation and we are anxiously awaiting to breed her in 2005.  She is a direct daughter of LTD'S Magic Man. 
MiOwn Cinnamin Twist:
Cinnamin is a beautiful chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.  She is out of a buckskin frame overo.  She has a wonderful long hookey neck and a dished head to die for.  She has long legs and a cute rear. 
Hallmark's Boomers Baywatch:
Baywatch is a perfect little girl, she is a silverdapple bay pinto with a blue eye.  She has very nice high knee action and is a attention getter in the liberty ring!!  She is on my showstring.  We were very happy to be able to purchase her from Denny and Susan Hallmark.
Sapphire's Smokin Sensation:
Secret is a beautiful buckskin filly that I bred.  She has been shown and has never gotten less than 3rd out of large classes and she won her weanling class at the last show.  She is a great filly and is going to be staying with us. 
Sapphire's Smokin Velvet: (For Sale)
Sparkle is a cute little smokey black filly, she carries a dilute gene.  She has a wonderful neck and has a cute little arab rear.  She is for sale!!! 750.  check her out on the sale page and the 2004 foals page.

Fowler's Medcine Mans Scarlet Lady

Karen's Sugar Princess