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Overo Stallions

Sapphire Farm's Miniature Horses
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Here are are overo stallions.  Eagle, a silver dapple frame overo.  Alki, a palamino minimal frame overo.  And finally our new addition, Joker, a smokey black frame overo.

LTD'S War Eagle

LTD'S War Eagle:Eagle is a beautiful silver dapple medicine hat frame overo.  Eagle is super refined and has a great neck and body.  He has been successfully shown and will continue to go to the shows with us.  Look for his first foals in 2005.  

Unicorner Acapulco Gold

Alki is a beautiful palamino with a wide blaze, three socks, and 1 and a 1/2 beautiful blue eyes.  Alki has done very well at his only show and will continue to go to the shows with us.  He looks just like a miniature trigger.  He has a superb neck with a beautiful head.  Every where he goes he gets peoples attention.  Look for his first foal in 2005.



Unicorner Crown Prince: Joker as we call him is a wonderful boy.  He is a loud frame overo.  He will stay A size we believe.  He has a wonderful head and neck and will be shown.  Joker has two crystal blue eyes.  He has the same sire as Alki and Alkis dam is Jokers aunt.  Look for this outstanding guy in the show ring.
Update:  Joker's tail is touching the ground is he is tiny, I dont believe he will ever see 32".  He is well balanced for his size.  You will definately see this guy in the show ring in 2005!