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Sapphire Farm's Miniature Horses
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At this time we are using 3 stallions
Hallmark's Rocking H Gunsmoke: A dunn stud with 3 foals on the ground
LTD's War Eagle: Silver Frame overo, currently bred to one of our mares
Unicorner's Alcapulco Gold: Palamino with 3 socks a wide blaze and 1 and a 1/2 blue eyes.  Currently bred to 3 of our mares.
All stallions are under 34"

Hallmark's Rocking H Gunsmoke:  Smokey is a  3 year old line back dunn.  He has an exceptionaly long lean neck and is georgeous all over.  He has the best attitude I have ever seen in a stallion.  He goes to all the shows with us.  He does all the performance classes and he will soon start driving at the shows, he already drives great at home.  He sired three foals this year, two fillies and a colt which was a pinto.  All of his foals have great conformation.  Go look at them, two are on the for sale page.  I offer him to outside mares for 450 which includes mare care.  



LTD's War Eagle :  Eagle is a very pretty silver medicine hat frame overo.  He has 6 generations frame overo behind him.  Look for his first foal in 2005.  Eagle is very refined and has a very pretty neck.  He also has blue eyes, one light blue and the other a very dark blue. He may stand stud to a few outside mares in 2005, contact me today to get a price. He should have 3 foals on the ground in 2005.


Eagle out in the paddock

Unicorner Alcapulco Gold:  Alki is a beautiful golden palamino with 1 and a 1/2 blue eyes.  He also has three white socks.  Alki is joining our show string.  He is just too pretty to let sit out in the pasture.  He was bred to 3 mares this year.  Alki has one of the nicest necks I have seen on a stallion with out sweating it, nice and hooky. Look for him at the shows.